10335, Blue June


His parents arrive on a Monday. He has taken five weeks off so we can spend it with them. It’s been a year and five months since we last saw them – the big void between Cape Town and Melbourne doesn’t make reunions a regular occurrence. We try to anticipate nothing, to see everything, to take the days as they come. We share stories, laughter - and silence. Not all days are good. Realising our differences, we clash, mostly over silly things like maps or dishes. We road trip through the winterly cold of June. For the most part, distance is a silent traveller on the back seat. It’s hard to filter it out, even on the best of days. It sits there - grinning, invisible, feasting fat on our unspoken expectations.

Soon enough, the time we share will seem a faded dream. Soon enough, 10335 kilometres of Blue will divide us.